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Thread: How do we use the new *82 feature

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    Default How do we use the new *82 feature

    We would like to use the new feature in firmware 5.2.9 which will enable users to mark the logs after a bad call for future retrieval and fault diagnosis. We have tried to implement this and have cannot see what effect it has. We have also been informed that we may have to dial *81 then *82 but while this will mark the logs it doesnt seem to save it anywhere that we can find.
    Could someone please explain the functionality of this feature

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    Hi Andy,

    Actually there are two call codes *81 and *82 generally not related.
    *81 makes possible for telephone user to mark a call as bad in the call logs (actually in the call controlling logs). Very often resellers and Epygi tech support receive complaints from the customers who are unable to tell which call exactly they are complaining about. To solve this problem, and be able to easily and correctly identify the problematic call, this *81 call code is introduced, which allows end user to easily mark the call in the system logs immediately after the call was done. For that he just needs to press *81 code combination from the handset immediately after the call is closed.
    If a “bad” call happen, as soon it is closed, the user should press “*81” from the phone. After that he can contact the reseller with the problem. Logs will be marked with the information on the bad call, so it should be easy to identify that after reseller downloads them.

    *82 allows creating the snapshot of the logs at the moment when this service code is used. It saves the collected logs and keeps them inside the Quadro. When pressing *82 as soon as call is closed it will generate a special user's failure log (userlogs.tar.gz) with the details of the last call for revision. Later on this snapshot will be seen in the downloaded logs.


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