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    What I have...
    Quadro2x setup and working of sorts, it has two external numbers on it (020 7111 1111 and 020 7222 2222)

    I need to set this up...

    Call 020 7111 1111 -> Ring x14 -> No Answer, Ring x13,14,15,16,17,18,19 (All at same time) -> No Answer, Voice Mail x14

    Call 020 7222 2222 -> Ring x20 -> No Answer, Voice Mail x20

    Outgoing Caller ID from x13,14,15,16,17,18,19 = 020 7111 1111

    Outgoing Caller ID From x20 = 020 7222 2222

    simple, can someone please point me in the right direction...

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    Hey mate,
    Here we go;
    1. Go to call routing tables and create pattern 9999. Strip 4, prefix 14, set type as "Voicemail".
    2. Stay in routing tables and go to pattern for 02071111111. On second page make sure outbound caller box is ticked and the used extn matches the number of the line in "extension management". On the Inbound page, third page I think, put *{13-19}. and finish. Repeat for 02072222222 except use the correct extn for that number, and put *{20} in the inbound settings. Make sure call type is set to "pbx" on this page for both. This will have to be repeated for all patterns regarding both sip numbers.
    These steps give you the rite caller id and set up mailbox's for the final divert.
    3. Go to "extension management" and create new extn (eg 499). Once created tick and edit. Name as "i/c ring group". Go into extn user settings for 499 and enter supplementary services, callerid based services. go to many extn ring and select 13-19 enable, enable service and save. go to call fwd no answer and enter. add 9999 enable and save. Timer for call fwd in supp settings, basic settings.
    4 Go to extension management for 02071111111 sip line. enter user settings and enter unconditional call fwd page. Enter extn 14 enable and save. Go to user settings page for extn 14 and enter call fwd on answer page. Enter extn 499 enable and save.
    5. Go to user settings for 02072222222, unconditional call fwd page and enter 20. Make sure voice mail is turned on and timer set correctly.
    Hope this helps,

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