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Thread: Quadro system shutdown

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    How do i shut the quadro 16x downor turn it off? I see reboot but ifi want to turn it off do i just unplug it?

    I have been testing and configuring it but want to move it to its final location.

    Also, the manuals are fairly well written but it would sure be nice to have the location of each feature in the menus that are being described, much like a location bar on web sites. I evenutally find them but some take a while.

    eg. system>status>IP line 10>many extension ringing

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    Hi Curtis,

    there is no shutdown button on the Quadro... you can unplug it anytime, like a switch or hub, for example. Though it makes sence to make sure there is no call making a recording at that moment, as this may damage the recording file. Also if, there is a USB flash connected, it will be safer to make sure it is not writing at the moment, as this might cause the filesystem corruption on the USB stick (will need format then).

    Thanks for the advice on the Online Help. I forwarded your suggestion to our documentation team.

    Best regards,


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    Quadro manualsare ordered exactly in the way it is organized in the GUI. The first level headers correspond to the main menu items (like Telephony menu), any headers below the first level header correspond to the submenu items in the list(like SIP Settings or RTP Settings). This hierarchy is also visible in the table of content.

    However, thank you very much for your comments. I'll try to improve the way chapters are organized in the manual.


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