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Thread: Missed calls on Snom 300

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    1. Showing missed call or not showing them is the property of phone, but not Epygi system.
    Phone's fw itself decide to show or not missed call indication. Even if you enabled missed call indication, phone should not show it as missed, if call is answered.
    2. I suppose they can be some problem in phone configuration, that is why I would advise to use auto-configuration for the Snom phones. Bunch of other phones configuration is not interfearing with auto-configuration of Snom phones.

    3. To Kevin:
    for MER group, if call is answered by one of MER group members, Quadro IP PBX is sending special header in "CANCEL" message to all other group memeber, so they should not show missed call indication. This should work for Snom phones in 5.2.12. If there is a problem please open ticket with logs.
    This functionality(regarding MER group) cannot be applied to the "answered" call, as that call is not "cancelled".

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    BTW Heinrich, if you enter the mac-address of your Snom 300 in IP Line settings page, Quadro IP PBX will try to auto-configure it (irrespective of the PNP feature enabled or not).
    PnP and auto-configuraiton are different features. PnP is for new phones just plugged in into network (for phones not configured on Quadro). If PnP is enabled, Quadro will try to automatically configure that new phone, if disabled Quadro will not.
    But if you enter the mac address of the phone in the IP Line page- then auto-configuration should work for that phone, even if PnP is disabled.

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    Thanx for the info. I allready swapped the Snom 300 for a different Snom 300. Still the same problem. But i'll try reloading the phones firmware again.


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