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Thread: SIP Access Blocking via filtering Rules

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    Default SIP Access Blocking via filtering Rules

    Hi There,

    I was wondering, i have a client who has various remote sites, the main site has static IP and the remote sites are all on Dyndns accounts with dynamic ips they all connect to the main site via SIP Tunnels (Epygi to Epygi). We are looking to Block all sip access via filtering rules on the main site because of a lot of hacking attemps, but is there a way to allow the SIP tunnels to come through only, surely there should be a way to say block all other SIP traffic and only allow SIP traffic via the registered SIP tunnels to come through?



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    Shaun, you can use filtering by IP adress or uin particular IP Groups area

    Just make sure that with your ip group you include all of the subnets for your private wan and simply allow only them under SIP.

    That will then limit everything down to the accepted IP address list.

    I do this with Billion 7404 Vgox and Vnox routers etc



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