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    Hey Guy's,
    I need some advice on the following scenario;
    20 extn system which includes a 10 seat call center.
    They currently have some sort of predictive dialer setup, using modems, that dials the call and then presents the call to a free call center operator, who then asks for a donation (they are a charity organization). This modem set up has failed, and they are looking for a total replacement ip system.
    I was thinking along the lines of the M8 Series, but I'm looking for a solution to get the predictive dialing working for their call center.
    Anyone got any idea's?

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    Replacing modems by IP system is good idea and QuadroM8L can perfoectly do that job. The dialer can be developed as a separate application running on PC, connected to Quadro via 3pcc (Third Party Call Control) interface and making the calls from Quadro via PSTN or ITSP. If you don't have anybody to develop that application, Epygi can help you to do it.

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