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Thread: Inbound calls to all extensions (or 'I feel stupid')

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    Red face Inbound calls to all extensions (or 'I feel stupid')


    I haven't felt this dense in a long time. I know this should be straightforward, but I just.. can't.. get it.

    So, that said: I'm trying to reconfigure a Quadro 2z so that all inbound calls on the voip line ring at all extensions - currently, all inbound calls go to extension 99, the auto attendant. I've set up a page group that has the extensions in question enabled; I cannot for the life of me figure out where to go next.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who can set me straight!

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    As I understand, you have some account which is applied on some extension and this extension is registered on some SIP sever (ITSP). You want that all incoming calls coming through that SIP sever (ITSP) will ring on all extensions.
    If I'm correct, I think you have already created some virtual extension (extension 99 – added by “VoIP Carrier Wizard”) and this extension is registered on SIP sever (ITSP). In this case, you just need to disable “Unconditional Call Forwarding” service to Auto Attendant and enable “Many Extension Ringing” service (see below).
    If you don’t have that type of extension, you just need to create some virtual extension (user extension without attached FXS or IP Line and this extension will not be a Auto Attendant), register that on SIP sever (ITSP), enable “Many Extension Ringing” service ("Users"->"Extensions Management"->click on needed extension->"Supplementary Services"->"Caller ID Based Services"->click on "Any Address"->"Many Extension Ringing" page) and enable all needed extensions from the appropriate table.

    Beet regards,

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    You, sir, are a prince among men - that's looks like exactly what I needed to know. Many thanks; I'll try it now!

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