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Thread: Symmetric Firewall issue

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    Default Symmetric Firewall issue

    We have 4 quadro2x working in the trenches. We are trying to get to the bottom of why 3 of them are not as solid as one.

    Investigations with Alloy Support in Melbourne Aust found that 3 show a 'Detected connection type: Symmetric Firewall (external IP xxxx) when you look at the SIP Registration Status Screen.

    Naturally I know the Quadros do not like being behind a Symmetric Firewall. The setup is similar on 2 sites - SHDSL Cisco Router doing authentication (no NAT or firewall turned on) this is all handled by the Quadro. 2 other sites have a D-Link 502T in bridgemode with the Quadro doing authentication and firewall.

    All setup of the quadros is almost identical. The only difference is as below;

    Three with issues - have latest firmware 5.2.9 other has 5.1.19
    Three showing Symmetric firewall has SIP Access limited to providers IP addresses other one has SIP Access set to any.
    One showing Open Internet is behind one of the Ciscos.

    for security and a test I limited the SIP Access to provider and within 30 minutes it showed Symmetric Firewall. Went back to 'Any' and over night it went back to open.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.

    As an added test I unrestricted the Sip access to Allow any on one of the 3 systems showing Symmetric Firewall. This unit show open internet after an hour or so.

    I am not comfortable leaving the SIP Access on Any though with the Hacks that have been around in the last 6 months.
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    In addition to opening SIP access to your known devices, you will probably need to open SIP access to your STUN server as well.

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