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Thread: Quadro and X-lite 3.0 - one way audio

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    I'm having problems with x-lite version 3 build 34025. I've tried to follow the example pdf docs X-LiteConfig-MedRes.pdf and Xlite-with-EPYGI-E2.pdf but these are for much older versions of x-lite.

    I'm connecting to the Lan side of the quadro. Registration as an extension is fine, and I can make outbound calls.
    However, if some connect via the PSTN (FXO port), I can hear them but they can't hear me. I have confirmed that the packets are reaching the quadro in the 80xx range - it seems the x-lite is not sending the audio packets to the quadro.

    The set up I have is an ADSL modem on a fixed IP address, with a DMZ pointing to the quadro.

    I don't believe that pin holes are neccessary, as the quadro should be recieving and sending the call as it is configured as the proxy address in the x-lite. ( I have tried this too with no avail!)


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    Solved - by Ski Bum from CounterPart support.

    These can be
    corrected as follows:


    Please try specifying for the STUN server.


    Dial ***7469

    This will bring up
    the advanced settings window

    Filter for

    Double click on the
    honor entry and change the value to 1

    Save and

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