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Thread: Remote Extensions setup

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    Question Remote Extensions setup

    I have a quadro 2x sitting on a static IP no router or modem with the internet connection plugged into the WAN. I have disabled the firewall. How do I set remote Extensions for a snom 220 and snom 360 handsets. I need the configurations on the quadro as well as for the phones.

    Thank You
    Brian Trippett

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    Hello Brian,

    1. Activate remote extension functionality on Quadro
    2. Configure a SIP phone as a Quadro Remote Extension

    1. Enter to "Extensions Management", select extension and click edit. Click the Remote Settings tab, enable remote extension, specify the username and password. If you want Quadro to transmit RTP traffic as proxy enable "Enable RTP Proxy" check box. Click save. Go to Telephony -> Line Settings, enter to IP Line tab click to appropriate IP line attach to that extension, on the list box select the model of the IP Phone, in this list you can find only Phone models supported by Epygi. If your model doesn't in the list, select other, enter MAC address and click save.

    2. Configure phone network parameters, select SIP Server as the Quadro WAN IP address, SIP port as the Quadro SIP port, usernam and password selected in the Remote extension settings, not username and password in the IP line settings.

    Note. If the phone is behind of NAT device you need also configure NAT and NAT traversal settings

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    I'm trying to setup a remote extension on my office computer using my trixbox at home.
    I downloaded a Xlite softphone but when I input the extension info into it I get a register error... is it something to do with my ip? was I suppose to put my home Ip trixbox runs on into the xlite account setup?

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    Thank you, works great

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