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Thread: Where can I manually download firmware for quadro 2xi

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    Default Where can I manually download firmware for quadro 2xi


    Call me stupid but where can I manually download the quadro 2xi firmware and manual. I don't have internet access connected to quadro.



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    You can do it from download section of Epygi's web site. To get access to download section you must login entering your email address and password.

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    When I login with email and password it bounces me to the forums etc... I cannot find any download links for manuals, even if I then go back to the website??

    Please help

    I need the book for the Quadro2x

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    To see the download section you need to register entering email address, password and serial number of your Quadro. If you registered without entering the serial number you will not have access to download section.

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    You can always try a reseller site. is pretty up to date.

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