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Thread: Caller ID @ Call Relay

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    Question Caller ID @ Call Relay

    Is it possible to use an extension's Caller ID as outgoing Display Name for a call relay?

    -----------the scenario, specifics of deployment---------------------------------------
    Call from cell phone to a Quadro DID which connects to AA (default '00' for QuadroM 32x).
    *1/*2 to access Call Relay via Login as an extension.
    <prompt> "Now you can make a call", now an outgoing number is dialed.

    The called party sees the Cell-Phone's Name Display; where as we require it the Quadro
    to send the extension's Display Name on the called party's phone.

    Please be specific for I'm a juvenile to the Quadro environment,
    only 15 days working on the equipment.

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    I'm afraid you cannot do what you want using the "call relay" therefore i would suggest you to use the call routing configuring it as follows:
    Open the Auto Attendant GUI page, go to "Attendant Scenario" page and enable "Send AA Digits to Routing Table". This allows you, when connected to Auto Attendant, dial any destination number and Quadro will send it to Call Routing table for further processing.
    Now go to Call Routing table and create a new record that will be used for routing the calls from your cell phone via AA to needed destinations. When creating the record, on the first page of the wizard enable "Filter on Source" and press Next to go to "Source Filter / Modify Caller ID " page. On this page, enter your cell phone number and * in the "Source Number Pattern" field. This will protect the record from unauthorized calls. After that select the "Source type" - for example, PSTN if the call from cell phone comes to AA via FXO or ISDN or E1/T1 port of Quadro. After that enter, for example, 99 in the "Number of Discarded Symbols" to remove all the digits of your cell phone's caller ID. In the "Prefix" enter the caller ID you want to see on the remote end; in your case it is the extension number. In the "Display Name" field add the desired display name.
    Discribed above will work for you in case if provider used for making the call from Quadro AA to destination gives you freedom in using the caller ID's and doesn't overwrite it.

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