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Thread: Using Caller ID to direct call to xtension

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    Question Using Caller ID to direct call to xtension

    Hope this isn't a stupid question.

    Is it possible to make certain external numbers be directed to specific extension.
    I don't mean distinctive ringing but I want to program the Quadro to recognise certain external numbers and direct them to a specific extension and not to ring reception or a group - the external number being a specific clients phone number.

    Is this possible? Call routing table seems to be for outgoing calls - what about routing incoming based on callers number?


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    Actually, the call routng can be used for incoming calls as well. If the call comes in through PSTN ports (FXO, ISDN BRI or E1/T1) then you can configure the port to send the call either to some extension or call routing. If the call comes in from SIP then by default it will try to go to extension having the sip name equal to that of received with SIP INVITE message. If the extension with that SIP name is not found then the call will go to call routing table.
    Regarding your question: rout the incoming calls to some virtual extension. On that extension configure the unconditional call forwardings and specify the destination extensions corresponding to external call numbers (caller IDs)

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    Hi hrant - thanks for that. but the routing starts by asking destination. I tried entering the extension here, and ticking the filter on source box. Entered the number that is calling in the source number pattern and thought that would do it. Then I got the caller to call and all the extensions rang. Perhaps I need to elevate the rule near to the top??

    added new extension but it will forward all calls. I only want to forward any call from one particular number to one extension, and do it a few more times for a few other specific incoming numbers/client. I am very unclear exactly where i tell the quadro what to do if a certain number calls. Incoming routing table is what i'm looking for.
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    Hi Shipton,

    Let me explain how to do it with unconditional call forwarding on virtual extenison (VE). Create VE and go to Supplementary Services -> Caller ID based Servcies. Add to the table as many addresses as you need. Each address will be actually the external number to be forwarded to some extension. For example, if you want to forward the calls from 1234567890 number to ext 11 then enter 1234567890 in the address field and select call type "PSTN" if the call came through PSTN interface on Quadro. When all addresses (external numbers) are added to the table, click on one of them and on the opened page click on "unconditional call forwarding". On the new page enable the service and add the destination extension number to the table clicking on Add. Do the same for all addresses you entered.
    Now you have just to take care of delivering the external calls to VE.

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