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Thread: "Providing" a sip-trunk connection.

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    Default "Providing" a sip-trunk connection.

    Is it possible with the standard OS on a Quadro to provide the "host" end of a Sip-Trunk connection to allow a "downstream" PBX (Quadro or otherwise!) to connect to it? I don't want to become an ITSP overnight but I would like to hook in a secondary PBX for test purposes - and ideally the second PBX would see this facility in an identical fashion to an ITSP provided sip trunk account.


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    There are a few ways to do that:
    1) register the extensions of your "downstream" PBX on the IP lines of the "host" Quadro.
    2) if your "downstream" PBX is Quadro then create "SIP tunnel" between both Quadros configuring "downstream" Quadro as the "Slave" and "host" Quadro as the SIP tunnel "Master"
    3) Just configure the Call Routing table on the "host" Quadro to rout the inbound and outbound calls from/to "downstream" PBX appropriately.

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