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Thread: Emails sent by epygi : changing the subject of the emails

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    Question Emails sent by epygi : changing the subject of the emails


    I am wondering how I can change the subject line of the emails sent by the Quadro when it sends voicemail of fax attachements...

    I need to change it because it is english instead of being in our mothertongue language...

    This could be useful for the end users...



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    Hi Gilles,

    In 5.2 FW the subject of the voicemail sent by email is configurable from the "telephony"->"Voice Mail Common Settings" page. You can enter any text (up to 256 symbols) to be used as a subject for the e-mail containing voicemail. Several variables (device hostname, caller display name, caller username, caller full name, duration of the call, the start date and time of the call) can be used to customize the subject.
    Please check if this can help


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