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Thread: Epygi 4x & GrandStream GXP 2000 - Distinctive Ringing Setup

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    Cool Epygi 4x & GrandStream GXP 2000 - Distinctive Ringing Setup

    We have an Epygi 4x and are using GrandStream GXP 2000 IP phones. We are utilizing SIP Trunks for the PSTN and are doing IP authentication.

    Inbound call routing is being handled at the extension rather than the call routing table.

    We have two DID/Extensions that we are routing to a single GrandStream GXP. One is attached to IP Line (Ext 101) while the other one (Ext 104) is doing "unconditional call forward" to (Ext 101) the other extension.

    Ext 101 / IP Line 11 / GrandStream MAC
    Ext 104 / no line / "Unconditional Call Forward to PBX 101"

    Currently they both ring to the same phone. We want ext 101 to be the default ring and we want those calls coming in on Ext 104 to have a different Ring.

    In the passed we would assign the phone (its MAC) to two different lines in the Epygi and then have the phone authenticate on both lines. Then in the phone itself we would set one ID to ring default and the 2nd ID to ring unique.

    Ext 101 / IP Line 11 / Grandstream MAC 0B
    Ext 104 / IP Line 14 / Grandstream MAC 0B

    When we did this Epygi refuses to allow us to put the same MAC addresses in both IP lines. This has raised the question on whether or not we are configuring "Distinctive Dialing" correctly.

    How can we Assign both Ext. 101 and 104 to one Grandstream and have them ring differently based on the Ext dialed?

    Thank you in Advance!

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    There are technical difficulties related to auto-configuration of GXP200 with two lines from our server. So I would suggest you to configure second account manually. You can configure 1st IP line with MAC address of your phone, so it will auto-configure with all necessary parameters from Quadro. Then to configure second IP Line (IP Line 14), but selecting "other" from phones list. So you will be able to add user name and password.
    Configure second account of Grandstream GXP phone manually from the phone itself. Also, you should be able to set up distinctive ringing feature of the phone for that second account. As a result call to extension 101 will have default ring, and cal to ext. 104 different one. This way you will not need to use "distinctive ringing" feature of the Quadro at all.

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    Thanks Harutyun, will try that out on Monday.


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