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Thread: SIP Tunnel versus sip in routing rule

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    Default SIP Tunnel versus sip in routing rule

    Hi all,

    I am looking to find a little more information about SIP tunneling between quadro's. I have a client that we have setup and had running for over two years now they have 21 branches with quadro 2xi's in each branch and 16xi at head office, they are currently running a private VPN via the Telco with static private IP's at each site. All works well, I had created quadros routing table and created routing rules for each site to contact the other using SIP as the type in the routing rules pointing to the other quadro's IP and has been working and still works perfectly.

    I was just wondering for this client would there be any benifit to change from SIP to SIP TUNNELS, create SIP tunnels between quadro's and editing the routing table to be SIP TUNNEL as type instead of SIP, is there any difference / benifit?




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    I don't see any serious technical reason in replacing SIP by SIP tunnels in case if all your IP addresses are static and don't change, moreover you've configured the system already and it works. The main advantage of SIP tunnel is as follows. If, for example, your 16xi would be in the main office having the static IP address and 2x-s in branch offices would have the dynamic addresses then you would have problem in creating the call routing rules. And here the SIP tunnel woudl help you. All slave 2x-s with dynamic IP address are registering on master 16xi sending its IP addresses. Any 2x IP address change is immediately updated on 16xi. Therefore, you don't care any more about the IP address change if using SIP tunnel. For calling between two 2x-s you rout the call from calling 2x to 16x via SIP tunnel and from 16xi to the destinaiton 2x. Thus, you can make even calls between 2x-s without having their IP addresses.

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