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Thread: Quadro 2xi and TNG management software.

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    Default Quadro 2xi and TNG management software.

    Hi Guys,

    Is anyoone out there (probably in South Africa) using the TNG software for call management?

    I am trying to set it up in our office for evaluation but the instructions supplied with the software seem to be lacking somewht. After setting up everything as explained in the instructions, the log files shows "Connection refused". The software (including the radius client) are loaded on the same server as the call buffer hardware and all pointing to the quadro correctly. I'm not sure where i'm going wrong, If someone could mail me a screenshot of their working quadro and TNG software it would be great, but any help would be much ppreciated.

    Many thanks for reading,


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    hi there Lee.

    can you please explain exactly the procedure you followed to get this up and running.

    i have done it before, although a long time ago. maybe i can help you.

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    Hi Corne,

    Thanks so much for the quick response. I have tried to upload a zip file with screen shots of my settings for both the quadro and the software client along with the instructions I followed, but the zip file is biger than the 97KB limit. I would love to send it to you directly, so if you could email me directly (I've sent you a PM with my email address), then perhaps I could email it to you?

    The service is running correctly, the program has been setu according to the instructions as has the call routing table.

    Many thanks again,


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    Would you believe it? After getting the screenshots ready for you this morning, i looked at them and immediately spotted my mistake. I had put the actual quadro pabx address into the spot that I should have put the server address into. One quick change and in came the call records. So I'm all sorted for the moment.

    Many many thanks for your help,


    PS, I'f anyone needs the screenshots for setting this up, email me and I'll send them to you.

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    hi there lee.

    im glad you got it working

    you can contact me anytime for any more questions

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