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Thread: remove phone extension from outgoing calls

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    We have had an issues with our VOIP where our VOIP provider wont allow our calls because the system has started putting our user extensions on the end of the outgoing call ID.

    I don't understand why it has started happening and I'm not sure if really is the problem but I want to eliminate this possibility.

    Anyway according to my call statistics we call some one and it has the usual main number for our VOIP line but at the the end it puts the user extension.

    So for example if our VOIP phone was 1234 and a user with an extenion of 02 calls out using VOIP the system does an outgoing call with the number 123402 and our VOIP provider rejects the call.

    Is there a way in call routing to deal with this? I want the system to not appent that phone extension to the outgoing number.

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    Call routing can add the extension number if you configure it so.
    Select the call routing rule used for calls through your provider and enter the call routing wizard. If "Filter on Source" is enabled on the first page of the wizard, press Next to go to the "Source Filter / Modify Caller ID - Edit Entry" page. On this page check the "Caller ID Modification" fields - they have to be empty. In that case the call routing rule will not modify the caller ID.

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    Thanks. I have fixed it in that section described.

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