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Thread: QuadroM E1 error - "Temporary Unavailable" Local queue is full

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    Default QuadroM E1 error - "Temporary Unavailable" Local queue is full

    My E1 gateway suddenly got a strange error, no one can dial out via VOIP while all SIP connections are successfully registered and the entry from the unsuccessful outgoing log is: "Temporary Unavailable" Local queue is full

    * restart the unit from web console - didn't work.
    * power cycle the device - didn't work.

    The firmware is the current.
    Boot loader: 4.1.7/Release
    Firmware Version: 5.1.5GW/Release

    anyone has similar issues before, any suggestion or advice?


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    VISP reducing your call rate to a "0" would do the same...

    Have they paid the bill ?



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    it happened to 2 different VSP accounts - all monthly accounts, i.e. we paid later... checked and there're no outstanding payments.

    The system log fill up with the following strange messages... BTW. what is TMagent?

    06:04:51 TLayer # Local queue for TMAgent is full


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    System back to normal suddenly.

    Thanks Kevin.

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