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Thread: Hunt group fails before completion

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    Default Hunt group fails before completion

    We have a Quadro 4x on the latest firmware with a hunt group configured. There are 6 extensions configured with 10 secs ring on each. The call is recieved by the incoming configured extension (99) which then forwards the call to 5555 via the routing table. The corresponding entry in the routing table then forwards it to the hunt group. The call gets to the 3rd ext in the group then we then get "number not available" If we shorten the ring time on each extension to 5 secs we get to the 5th extension. We have tried increasing the dial timeout on 99 and the hunt group to 120 secs but it makes no difference.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    no answer timer ... is that changed to 120 seconds ?

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    yes, on ext 99 and the hunt group

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    Hey andy,
    Have you asked your ISVP for their ring timeout to be extended?
    I had to ask mine to extend from 40 to 60 secs.
    Just a thought.

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