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Thread: Intermittent one way audio on both incoming & outgoing calls

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    Default Intermittent one way audio on both incoming & outgoing calls


    I have a client using a 16xi with a couple of ISDN lines and 2 voip lines connected. There seems to be an intermittent problem where sometimes after a call has already been established the quadro end of the call suddenly cannot be heard by the remote party. This occurs after various times after connection, on both incoming & outgoing calls and on both telkom & voip lines.. The problem is it only happens occassionally and randomly, and is therefore diffucult to trace the problem. The quadro is running Boot loader: 5.0.3/Release and Firmware Version: 5.1.39/Release.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? Or have any idea's as to what I can do to try and isolate the probable cause?

    Any help, suggestions much appreciated.

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    Some IT Guy playing with the Firewall ? .... Network Switch being flooded causing lock ups .... ?

    Does your IP Phones connect to the same switch as all the PC's do or do you have the phones and PC's segmented ?



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    Hi Kev,

    The IP phnes and PC's share the network (Unfortunately) but the problem occurs even when most of the users leave the office, so I don't think it's down to the switch being flooded. Also the quadro is not behind an external firewall & only I have access to the quadro. So I don't think this is the cause either. If the problem were not so random, it would be a hell of a lot easier to trace the fault.

    Thanks for the ideas, keep em coming.


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    Does the server do a backup at all after they leave the office ?

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    Good point that I had not considered. I'm sure there are backups runnning after hours. I will have to check and see if they co-incide with any of the reported dropped calls. Thanks for the suggestion Kev.


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