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Thread: Attended call transfer issue with SPA-942

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    Default Attended call transfer issue with SPA-942


    I have recently installed an Epygi 2xi in a network with seven SPA-942 phones. Everything seems to work properly except the Transfer function. Both blind and attended transfers are not working reliably.

    During an attended transfer the call drops during the last leg, after the consultation call has taken place successfully. So no attended transfers can take place at all.

    Any ideas, or hints? Thanks.

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    I tried both transfers on SPA942 with my environment without any problem. If you set up the phone correctly, doing the transfer steps correctly and are using Quadro's last firmware release then you should not have any problems with transfer.
    So there are several questions which should shed more lite on your situation.
    What is the steps you performed to transfer the calls? Mine are as they are described in QuadroFeaturesOnEpygiTestedIPPhonesList-Rev2.4-MedRes.pdf:
    1. Consultative transfer - Press the xfer button and dial the destination number and # talk to the caller then and press the
    xfer button again.
    2. Blind Transfer - Press the right arrow on the navigation button once, then the bxfer button. Dial the destination number and #.
    The both scenarios worked as required.

    To which destination you are trying to transfer your call? If it is some SIP destination then try to repeat your scenario for transferring the call to other extension on same Quadro, to exclude the problems related with SIP calls.


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