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Thread: i need 3 digits in ext

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    How can I program my network voice with 3 digit or 4 digits, I need connect 3 remote sites and what happen when i have more to 10 sites if epygi support only 2 digits the numeric plan

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    As you may know all the calls on the Quadro are made via the Call Routing table. So you can organize your CR records for 3-digit or 4-digit dialing. For example you may have a record in the CR table with the patter 311, discard 1 digit, and set call type as PBX. So when anybody dials 311 the call will go to ext.11.

    You may find more in Admin Manual, or right in the Online Help. Also there are some documents under the Download section where thoroughly described for some situation how toconfigure the CR table.

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    I have 4 digit extensions for 4 VOIP Lines. I have 32 configured as 0132, 34 as 0134, 36 as 0136 and 35 as 0135 (Main board number).

    If you need a screen shot of the same, please let me know path and your email, I will shoot your the screen shot.

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    The Call Routing entry for your application would look like the following:

    Pattern: 01?? NDS: 2 Call Type: PBX

    The first 2 digits will be deleted and the remaining 2 digits will be used to call the extn. In your case: 32, 34, 35, 36

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