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    Hey everyone,

    Having a problem where our SIP trunks will get authorization failures. I have to do into the PBX and tell it to re-register. This happens for upwards of an hour at a time. You can imagine how this would be a problem when for 30-40 minutes of the day were not receiving phone calls.

    My firewall is a Watchguard, have any of you any experience with watchguard and Epygi?

    I'm currently forwarding 5060-5061 and 6000-6500 ports to the Epyi, and it detects the proper external IP.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    It might be that your watchgaurd is stopping rules when someone accesses it to make changes, the ITSP has load balancing and when the calls come from a different IP that the Quadro wioll refuse it.

    hat is a couple of things, but then again there are models of the watchgaurd that are not SIP Aware and cause problems.

    Are you running the WG Sip aware firmware, which model btw ?


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