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Thread: Quadro 4x - Long PDD and locking up

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    Unhappy Quadro 4x - Long PDD and locking up


    I'm having increasing Post Dial Delay problems with our Quadro 4x.

    The PDD for internal extensions can be between 5 and 20 seconds. Rebooting relieves this for about 24 hours, when it returns to these sorts of levels.

    The PDD appears to reduce to less than 1 second the more a number is dialled from a particular endpoint in quick succession.

    In addition, around once every few weeks, the Quadro fails to respond completely, even to ping, requiring a reboot. After this, it appears to unmount the USB flash memory, meaning all announcements disappear.

    The only way to fix this is to format the USB memory from the Quadro and restore all the WAV files.

    Can anyone suggest any solutions to overcome these issues permanently?



    Quadro Operating system: 5.1.31 root@Delta.epygi.loc
    Application Software: 5.1.31 - Release
    Boot Loader: PPCBoot 3.1.31/Release
    DSP Software: Version: 5.1.31. Date: October 30 2009 12:12:40

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    Default We have the similar problems in Q4X


    We have similar problem to yours and we think that uniting our experiences can solve the problem.

    First we describe our net and then we will detail our problems and the solutions that we have implemented.

    We have:

    - 1 Q4X
    Boot loader: 5.0.3/ReleaseFirmware version: 5.2.9/Release
    - 2 gateways FXO
    - 1 gateway Grandstream GWX4024

    We have installed the following thing:
    - 4 line PSTN in the FXO of Q4X 9 you line PSTN in the additional FXO.
    - 1 line SIP with international access in one of the FXO
    - 2 line cellular motives in 2 FXO

    - 4 users FXS connected in the Q4X and 24 users FXS connected atravez of the Grandstream ((total 28 users FXS that have analogical telephones PANASONIC)
    -18 users with telephones IP Yealink T20P marks
    - 3 users with telephones Ip Yealink T26P marks
    - 1 QCM for operator
    - 2 remote users with sofphone Xlite.

    For the connection:

    - We have it publishes IP static
    - We use the same infrastructure of the client's data.
    - Our net VOIP has the net, we have the Q4X with , a FXO with , another FXO with , the grandstream in


    The system works well during three days and it collapses without giving any previous alert.
    The symptoms before the flaw are:

    - Stamped slow it sometimes takes a long time between 5 and 20 seconds .
    - Lost of the users' registration.
    - Without it becomes calls duplicity of calls it is presented registered from oneself user IP
    - Lost of connection between the FXO and the Q4X
    -finally lost of ping toward the Q4X, the ping gets lost from the local net and from the remote access for the ip publishes.
    - I collapse of the system.

    Report to the support of Epygi:

    We open a ticket with the support of Epygi and them they diagnosed that the Q4X had an use excess by heart because the languaje pack in espanish that we use consumed many resources. Reason why they created a languaje special pack for us, but this doesn't solve the problem, but well it put us since in difficulties when making the bring up to date the Q4X accent of working for one hour.

    We don't have installed USB, we planned to install it but when seeing your post and your experience notices that that is not a solution to our problems.

    Improvements of the system:

    We have implemented solutions that have improved our net, we describe them:

    - We place a switch gestionable in our client's net , this is able to separate the broadcast domains. Let us believe a VLAN for the VOIP and a VLAN for the client's data.
    Technically that makes it is to avoid the broadcast storm. We insert a sniffer in the net and we notice that the Q4X generate broadcast to identify to the devices that are in their registration.
    In our case our client's net doesn't have switch gestionables they have basic switch it marks dlink and 3com that don't allow to make VLAN neither to segment the nets.
    When generating the broadcast the swicht dlink it doesn't process the packages quickly it is saturated and it blocks the ports making that the equipements lose physical and logic connection.

    With the insert of the switch gestionable (layer 2) and of the VLAN we have been able to stabilize the ping and the lost of packages.

    - The retard of stamped. We know that the Q4X have an incorporate IDS, the retard of stamped we minimize it disabled this option. This can make it in:
    Internet Uplink---->Firwall/NAT----> enable IDS (it disables this option)

    We disable this option because the IDS consumes resources of the Q4X, it is an useful tool but it makes that the Q4X lose prosecution speed

    - We also diminish the time of stamped of the Q4X, we go down from 4 seconds to 2 seconds, this makes it in

    Telephony---->> Dial Timeout

    - To avoid hacker attacks.
    We notice that every so often intents of registrations exist from external IP. The Q4X in the version 5.2.9 incorporate an utility in the Firewall and when seeing these attacks it registers them and it blocks these IP automatically. So that this works you should put the Firewall on high. You should be careful and to create the list of allowed users and blocked. If you forget to allow the IP of your local net and of the remote net you won't be able to enter at the Q4X.

    This makes it in:

    Internet Uplink == = >> Filtering Rules.

    Until the moment this it is our experience.
    We are not happening I traffic for the system, we have it working to less than half of their real capacity, our client manages an average of 2000 daily calls, with a maximum of 15 simultaneous calls. According to the datasheet of the Q4X this I traffic it is supported without problems by it , but we have had problems.

    I hope our experience helps you and serious fantastic to be in communication and to work on the whole to solve our problems.

    At the moment with your case we know and we confirm that we are we the only ones with problems with the Q4X, we know that Epygi has announced that the Q4x already this being manufactured and that alone one has support for some years



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