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Thread: ACD on Quadro M32 Caller Identity

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    Default ACD on Quadro M32 Caller Identity


    We've just starting using ACD for a customer on an M32 and it's working well except that the agents are used to seeing the callers phone number on their phones, which does happen if you're using an MER or call hunting but with ACD it comes up with the name of the ACD extension.

    How can I get the calling phone number to appear on the phones when using ACD?

    The "Calling Phone" in Call Statistics also comes through as the extension name instead of the PSTN number of the caller. If I delete the extension name in General Settings under the extension it then shows the ACD extension number which still isn't helpful.


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    Default Any ideas?

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this? ACD is great and will mean a lot for call centres but knowing the customer's number is a key part of what agents will be looking for from the system.


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    Just a general comment on presenting caller ID to agents before they answer: I've supported call centers for many years (on other PBX brands), and we have observed "work avoidance" on the part of agents when they recognize a caller ID of some one they do NOT want to talk to. Mostly we presented the ACD or skill set name to the agent's phone set, and only passed the caller ID after they answered the call.
    Sorry, I know this does not answer your question, just thought I would throw this thought in here.

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