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Thread: How to edit extension in call routing table without tick box

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    Question How to edit extension in call routing table without tick box

    I have an Epygi 2xi and just signed up with a cheap calling service. To activate this service, I need to dial a 5 digit code before dialing out.

    My ISDN lines are set up under prefix 0 and 5. So when dialing out on 0 for example, I would like the Epygi to add "10787" for every outgoing call.

    I managed to do this for the extension 5, because I could edit the variable "PREFIX" in the call routing table. I added 10787 and it works.

    How do I do this for extension 0 where there is no tick box to edit the extension??

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    The "0" is default (automatically created) routing rule, that is why there is no checkbox for it. So you have to delete and manually add it again. How to delete:
    Run the "System Configuration Wizard", go to the "Emergency Codes and PSTN Access Code Settings", set the "PSTN Access Code" to blank and finalize the wizard.


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