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Thread: Reception SNOM 821

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    Default Reception SNOM 821

    I want to use the above to see what phones are in-use/idle on my Quadro4x.
    There is an attachment Snom Vision that claims to do this but does it work with the Quadro.
    One issue I'm worried about is that this phone isn't specifically supported in the phone database.
    Many thanks in advance for all replies.

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    All SNOM handsets have BLF / DSS capabilities built in. Epygi Quadro's are designed with the same coding that the SNOM's use so there should be no problem at all for any BLF / DSS assignments.

    If you are worried about whether it isnt exactly supported, buy a supported telephone and DSS / BLF to suit, otherwise set it up manually with the new handsets that you have nominated you want to use.



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