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Thread: Firmware Upgrade Procedure for 2X

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    Question Firmware Upgrade Procedure for 2X

    Could someone please post the step-by-step instructions for upgrading the firmware on a 2X? We have never done one and I hear that some recordings and/or VM messages are lost; so I need to know how to protect those recordings as well.

    I have also heard that the upgrade be done while onsit rather than remotely. Is there a specific reason for that?

    Thank you.
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    Hey Hugo
    The firmware upgrade can be done remotely or onsite. It is important you read the "known issues" file from Epygi to identify any problems with your chosen firmware. These files are normally beside the firmware files in the download area. You then go through the following steps;
    1. Go to Config Management under the system tab and Backup & Download all config & voice data. Save file.
    2. Then go to Firmware Update, again under the system tab. Follow the prompts and point the system under the "Browse" tab to the location of the firmware you want loaded. Different versions can be downloaded for the Epygi website (Do NOT use 5.2.9 ... way too buggy .......... 5.1.39 is good).
    3. System will verify firmware before load. After loading the system will restart.
    4 After re start, go back to config management page and upload the backup you took in step 1. System will again restart.
    System will be restored with all voice and data it had prior to firmware upgrade.
    Depending on the version you are updating from, there is a possibility that some of the ip handsets may "lockup" and need to be restarted manually.
    Hope this makes sense.
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