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    Default Polycom Template Editing

    I have a request to add 3 simple fixes into the Polycom template editing section.

    1 - Caller ID shows IP Address:
    Polycom phones show incoming caller ID on the display appended with "@ipaddressofserver". Most average business users will hate this since it is confusing to look at.

    My research showed that the Polycom phones append the ip address to caller ID when the "URL dialing feature" is enabled on the handset. Add a section to the template editing page that will change the following tag in the sip.cfg or polycomsip.cfg file:"url-dialing" feature.9.enabled="1"

    Allow us to change the value to a "0" and the caller ID will show up normally.
    2 - Polycom handset and headset volumes reset to low after each call:

    Polycoms have a nasty habit of resetting their handset and headset volume after each call to a moderate or low level. This means you have to adjust the volume back up on every call. This is due to a setting in the config files that is easily changed.

    Add a setting in the template editing section for Polycoms that allows the change of the following tag in the sip.cfg and polycomsip.cfg files:

    <volume voice.volume.persist.handset="0" voice.volume.persist.headset="0" voice.volume.persist.handsfree="1"/>

    Change both "0"s to "1"s and the problem is solved.
    3 - Receptionist Watch Extension Labels:
    Add better labels on the "Watch Extension" feature in the receptionist setup for Polycom 650 phones.

    Currently we can set "Watch" extensions in the Receptionist Management section of the Epygi. The problem is that it only adds the extension number to the display on the phone. On a Polycom 650 with an expansion module, it is not always easy to remember who belongs to each extention when there are many - so adding names (similar to how you do it now in the "Display Name" section in extension management) would make it much easier for a receptionist to see who is on the phone. The change would be simple. In the receptionist management section where we drop down the menus to select the extensions to watch, add a field next to each where we can type a label. The tag you are changing in the phone's config file currently looks like this:

    <resourceList attendant.resourceList.1.address="sip:101@192.168. 101.20:5060" attendant.resourceList.1.label="101" />

    Allowing us to type a label into the watch extension feature would require you concatenate the extension you are watching with the label we type in. With this change the end result might look something like this:

    <resourceList attendant.resourceList.1.address="sip:101@192.168. 101.20:5060" attendant.resourceList.1.label="101-Mike" />

    I tested by manually editing the config file for the phone and it works perfectly.


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    Hi and thanks for this Thread

    please can you tell me how can I do this in ( Quadro ) or in ( Polycom )

    if in Quadro How can I do it
    and in Polycom how can I do it
    Please step by step because I am new to this topic ( how can I edit sip.cfg File )

    thanks a lot

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