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    Hi there,

    Purpose of this thread is to announce locations for Telephone Hardware and Software related links.

    PM me if you have any others and I will attach it below and credit you with the link.


    Sometimes it might be necessary to use a firmware/software that is not related to the Quadros at all so that a feature or resolution to your specific problem is found and countered.

    To give you an idea of what phone is supported and what isnt on your Quadro - look under Telephony ---> Line Settings ---> IPLINE X ( X = IP Line number ) Click the Sip Phone check box and use the Drop Down to see which phones, if it is noted in the drop down, it has been tested to work with the Quadro by the Epygi Engineers.

    Check below for manufacturers links - not in any specific order :



    SNOM Wiki -

    Carries new firmware for all SIP telephones and set up guides for the handsets when connecting with the Quadro - especially great resource for modifications

    AASTRA -

    AASTRA , although there website is informative, due to the amount of other hardware they provide, the information can be harder to resource. The link might change over time, but use the link for NORTH AMERICAN TERMINALS - you should then be able to find the right link to handsets if the above doesnt provide the answer

    Polycom -

    HD G722 is provided with the latest hardware release

    In my opinion, Polycom would have the best of breed of handsets for clarity, although this comes at higher price points, the above link will take you to the area where new firmware and fixes can be found.

    Yealink -

    HD G722
    is provided

    Good quality handsets, flexible and cost effective, very low price points and worth a look.

    Grandstream -

    Good quality handsets, although the handsets are very functional, handset asthetics in my opinion are ok and not good to great like the other handsets here.

    Linksys / Sipura -

    Great quality handsets, flexibile, versatile they look smart and work well.

    Siemens Gigaset - A580IP Cordless ( DECT )-

    Very easy to use handset, Smart CLI, no fuss handset - with some of the thrills, multi line SIP accounts, even has G722 Wide Codec support. A few tweaks needed to make it happier with the Quadro but still not really that intensive to make it a good choice. Full transfer features - supervised and unsupervised modes supported - even comes with email and jabber messaging.

    Telematrix -

    Versatile handsets, renowned for the Hospitality market place. Handsets from the basic models to interactive touch screens.

    IP Devices

    PA/Speakers -

    Cyberdata provide systems to integrate the Quadro so that an existing analogue PA system can be used. Alternatively, the PA System can be replaced by IP Based PA and Speakers.


    Soft Phones

    Eyebeam / Bria / X- Lite -

    One of the software leaders for SIP telephony in the PC/Mac/Linux world, maybe not so much with Linux, but definitely hard to pass up given the quality that is offered.

    Includes a version of softphone for Windows based Mobile Phones or I-Phones.

    I-SIP -

    A good Soft Phone for the I-Phone downloadable off the Itunes website. Allows you to dial from the Mobile network or via SIP from the keypad without having to switch screens or applications.


    Faxback -

    A free faxing program running under Windows as a printer driver. Very easy to set up and works independantly as an extension off the Quadro.



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