Polycoms have a nasty habit of resetting their handset and headset volume after each call to a moderate or low level. This means you have to adjust the volume back up on every call. This is due to a setting in the config files that is easily changed.

Download the sip.cfg and polycomsip.cfg files from the Epygi using a tftp client – look for this tag in each file:
<volume voice.volume.persist.handset="0" voice.volume.persist.headset="0" voice.volume.persist.handsfree="1"/>

Change both “0”s to “1”s and the problem is solved. The phones will remember the volumes the user sets. The only problem is - the Epygi won't let you upload these modified config files back to their tftp server so you will need to move all the Polycom files to your own tftp or ftp server and point the Polycom phones to this new server to get their configs.

See my other post regarding setting up a provisioning server for Polycoms for instructions on how to do this.

Happy Polycoming!

Anexeon, Las Vegas