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Thread: Problem routing DID to specific extencion

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    Default Problem routing DID to specific extencion

    Hello I have Quadro4x and have problems routing a particular DID (SIP) directly to a extension on the FXS port.

    I have done what I found on the forum about DID to extension using call routing table but it is not working, when i enable the option "route all incoming sip calls to call routing" and set up this DID to go to extension 25 on the call routing table and some call the DID or any of the other DIDs we have (the others DIDs have to come to receptionist, we Don't want auto attendant) all incoming calls drop immediately they reach the PBX, the receptionist phone don't even ring at all.

    The only DID I set up on call routing table is the one I need for Fax, I have not set up the other DIDs.

    Please if some one knows how to fix this issue some help would be good

    thank you,

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    It would help if you provided more information: your DID routing table entry, Your SIP ITSP number, Status of the ITSP Line - under System - Status - Sip Registration Status

    Does everything look good there ..


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    Yes, the case is so complicated that S/N of the Quadro and the password of your SIP ITSP account will help very much in this case

    Most probably your routing rules are incorrect. To check that provide your DID number and the routing rule you created (the important fields are Destination Number Pattern, Number of Discarded Symbols, Prefix, Destination Type, Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID).
    The other easier way to get the DID incoming calls is to create an extension with DID number as extension number, than handle the calls to that DID number for example by enabling the Unconditional Call Forwarding on that extension.


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    Ha, you forgot that we need his Bank account details, credit card information and social security number


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