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    Hi All - I have a 4x with 4 Vonage lines and I frequently get the following message: "SYSTEM OVERLOAD" when trying to make an outgoing call.
    A reboot clears it up for about a week. When I get the message I can still make calls through the local pots line on the system. Any help would be greatly apprectiated.

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    Please enable the system logs on Quadro and as soon as you get that message again, download the logs and sent to technical support.

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    This "SYSTEM OVERLOAD" can have a plenty of reasons, so it is nearly impossible to tell the reason without looking at system logs, so I guess, sending "developer" logs to Epygi tech support is the only way to go here.

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    Figured this one out. Customer has single line plugged into FXO1, system is still set to use any fxo for 9 access. Turned that off in System Config, then created a rule to send "9" calls to FXO1.

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