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    Default New installation

    Having issues with a new install but no idea what is going on..
    Everything seems to be setup ok, the sip line is registered ok and the network status is fine.

    But when testing pbx call by using the 899 to epygi test then I get an error that "899 is not available"
    Also incoming calls to my did number gets the same message...

    There is no fxo lines connected is just operating as strictly a IP unit.

    Any suggestions??

    Quadro 2x

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    As a test - DMZ The Quadro ip address to prove that your firewall is not coming into play.

    Does it then work correctly ?


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    Since you are making and receiving the calls via ISTP please check the registration status with ITSP. If your SIP account is registered OK then make the test calls in both directions and attach the system logs from Quadro (don't forget to enable the developer logs) to your post. Also, describe the call details.

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