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Thread: EMS multiple playlist streaming capability?

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    Default EMS multiple playlist streaming capability?

    Running v1.4 on a 32bit XP Pro system.

    Have successfully configured streaming for a playlist that we're testing with, but am wanting to be able to stream multiple playlists at once as the the extensions that require streaming wait tone audio require specific audio files designated to them and not others.

    Have considered Creating a 2nd playlist and assigned a different port to the same streaming server, but have been unsuccessful in playing multiple playlists simultaneously. The "Help" guide in the app has absolutely no content so can't refer to it, and there's nothing written down in the user guide regarding this.

    Can someone please provide some advice? Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Please disregard.
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    You can run multiple instances of EMS application, each processing one playlist. That's the only workaround now, while we will add multiple playlist processing. Sorry for inconvenience.

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