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Thread: route incoming calls to CRT

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    Default route incoming calls to CRT

    Quadro 2x with latest firmware.
    I have 2 DID numbers.
    I want to dedicate the first to extensions and the second to one extension which has a FAX on it.
    I think I do it by routing all incoming SIP calls to CRT so I check the 'Route all incoming ...' box in the first Call Routing page.
    When I call the PBX from a PSTN line I get 'This service is unavailable'.
    When I used the VoIP carrier wizard I selected to route incoming calls the AA.

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    You don`t need to check "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing". Even if this checkbox not selected, Quadro will first search the incoming SIP address in the Extensions Management table. If found, the incoming SIP call will ring on the corresponding extension. If not found, Quadro will look for a matching routing rule in Call Routing table.

    So, you can do the following for first DID
    1. Create a virtual extension and as a SIP username define DID number, then activate many extension ringing on it. You can add to this list that extensions, which you wont to be called. Or enable unconditional call forwarding on this virtual extension and then add same extensions. Also you can use FMFM feature.
    2. You can put incoming call into CRT, create route record for this DID and then route the call to your preferred extension.

    And for the DID which you wont to attach to extension which has FAX on it you need just set this DID as that extensions SIP username, or again create call route record and route the call with this pattern to this extension.


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    Default Aa & Fax

    I didn't explain myself.
    I want the fist number to go to AA, the second to a FAX on an extension.
    Is this possible?

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    Default Incoming call to CRT

    Ashotar says for first number route incoming call to CRT.
    How do you do this, e.g.
    I call 084512345678 (my Epygi number allocated by iTelco) route to CRT.
    I don't know how to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterd View Post
    I didn't explain myself.
    I want the fist number to go to AA, the second to a FAX on an extension.
    Is this possible?

    Yes it is easy enough to do...

    Just create an A/A in the EXT RT

    Set you fax detect within it and make sure that your message is over 5 seconds in recording time.



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