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Thread: BUG: Can't retrieve FXO call from hold with IP phones when forwarded directly

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    Default BUG: Can't retrieve FXO call from hold with IP phones when forwarded directly


    I upgraded our Quadro 4x to the latest firmware version 5.2.9 ... since then I have been random reports of issues retrieving a FXO call from hold or call park status, but only on the extension the FXO call is forwarded to.

    I tested this out today and I can get the issue to repeat itself 100%

    When I call in via FXO landline, and the call is forwarded directly to a Snom 300 or Snom 370 extension, i.e. by going to FXO settings and selecting the drop down box as the extension, after the call is placed on hold - when I go to retrieve it it will either hang up the caller or play a very loud hash noise down the phone line.

    I have managed to find a workaround for this problem - I set the FXO settings to forward to a virtual extension, which forwards the call unconditionally to the Snom extension again - and call hold etc works perfectly.

    This only started happening after the firmware update.... and I have tried updating the firmware on the Snom phones to Version 8 with no difference.

    Since I have now found a workaround I'm not too worried about it but thought it could definitely warrant someone looking into it


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    Hey mate,
    Again I will copy Epygi's reply regarding the same issue from viewing the logs I sent them 2 days ago. The fix they supplied most definately works to rectify your problem.

    There is a bug with 5.2.9 firmware.

    This is known issue, which will be fixed in next releases.

    To overcome this, enter into Users->Extensions Management and click on the link in codecs column. Select "Make and accept only unsecure calls" in the "Secure RTP Settings" list-box. Do the below described for each extension


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    I discover a different symptom probably related to this bug (2x version 5.2.9).

    When FXO connected directly to remote extension, all incoming FXO calls would ring once and go to VM.
    FXO log reports that remote extension is busy (BUG).

    Fxo_Line0 <0, 0>: OnFxoReportError(), callID = XXX
    Fxo_Line0 <0, 0>: Extension XX is busy.
    Fxo_Line0 <0, 0>: Cancelling Incoming Ring.
    Fxo_Line0 <0, 0>: SetFxoState(OffHook)

    Workarounds mention above work (forwarding through virtual extension or changing to "Make and accept only unsecure calls")

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    Hi guys,

    This issue is mentioned in the release notes for 5.2.9 under known issues- the SPR ID is 16469


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    My remote extension phone is Aastra 480iCT - different from SPR ID 16469.

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