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    My problem is this, i have read the manual that tellsme how to stack two quadros. In the manuall i read that the only way (in that scenario) to do this i must alter the defaults sip registration names of each extention, in order to use the both quadros as one, my question is how do i know if the numbers enter by me will register in epigy server, do i need something o authorization to do this.... Is there any other way to stack two quadros that doesnt involve alteration of sip registration numbers (default ones), thank you.... Edited by: viptelprueba

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    Hola Peter!

    I am not sure I understand what is your problem... Do you use Quadro CS? And you want to use 2 CS units as one, right?

    Random numbers you enter as SIP registration name won't register at But you can look at the Status page (SIP Registration Status tab) to see which extensions/conferences are registered, and which are not.

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    Hola gracias ya encontre solucion a mi problema, no sabia que epygi me daba al registrar mi cuadro opciones para registrar una cierta cantiad de numeros mas (Definida por epygi). Gracias por la aclaracion.......

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    Yo no hablo español muy bien.

    So, you don't use Quadro CS, right? OK, no problem... Mucho gusto que puedo ayudar a ti!

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