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Thread: Global Speed-Dial Directory

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    Smile Global Speed-Dial Directory

    with 5.2 firmware a global speed-dial directory is available
    this feature is requested by many clients

    here an idea how to implement it :

    create the speed-dial number with the first 2 letters of firstname and lastname
    example :
    Barak Obama : BAOB : 2262
    Nicolas Sarkosy : NISA : 6472

    i'm sure there will be no doubles


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    Question Global Speed-Dial Directory

    I have tried this with names and it does not work, But it does work if you simply make a line with location and destination
    i.e 70, 0412345678 and save it as a something.CSV and then upload it.

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    my tip was not about the download
    but how to generate speed-dial numbers easily attached to names


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