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Thread: Call Queue drops callers

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    Question Call Queue drops callers


    We have a problem with our business Voip provider where if I call in via SIP to my Nehos DID - as soon as the call enters a call queue, anywhere in the system, the call is dropped as soon as the lady starts speaking, 100% drop rate.

    Nehos have managed to replicate this issue using their own Quadro2x however they insist that it's the Quadro who is not following 'Sip Standards' so they won't change the way their system works.

    We do however have VOIP with other providers and have never had this problem with queues...

    Thus, I understand its most likely Nehos's fault - however they suggest I bring it up with you since it's "Epygi's fault for not following SIP standards" (Something I find rather hard to believe)

    Is it possible to send my system logs to someone at Epygi (I don't have an active ticket subscription ) so they can take a look and see if it's an actual Bug in the Quadro that can be fixed or just my SIP provider?


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    Please enable the developer logging on Quadro (System -> Diagnostics -> Show System Logs -> Enable Developer Logging), push the Mark all Logs button, make a test call replicating the situation with the call drop and attach the logs to your post. We'll investigate and let you know. Please don't forget to describle the call mentioning the calling and called numbers, etc. That will save us a lot of time when investigating the logs.

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    Thanks hrant, I have sent you a PM with a link to the system logs (incase it has any sensitive information in it) let me know if you didn't recieve it

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