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Thread: Attendant Ringing Announcement Issue

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    Default Attendant Ringing Announcement Issue

    I would like to know how to remove AA the default voice message. I explain it before I setup with a specifical voice message. The caller hear the sweet voice while the phone was ringing for 1min.

    It was working for 3 weeks around, then always the AA default voice message was back and impossible to remove it. I setup by default the epygi then reload the configuration file. It's working then suddendly the issue is back again.

    So how to remove it definitely? Or there is a simple xml to do?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Are you using USB memory on your Quadro? If yes, then keep in mind that the custom (specifical) voice messages will keep in USB memory. If by some reason memory location changed from USB to embedded memory, then you will listen the default message.
    To check if this is the source of problem go to system events to see if voice data location is changed or not


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    Hi there Alexandre,

    Under power failure conditions, some times the USB external drive on the 4x to 16x series telephone systems will ignore the USB drive and default back to the internal embedded memory messages, albeit the defaults. It might be a matter of simply logging into the unit and repointing the voicemail files to the USB drive or at worst having to upload the files after you reformat the USB drive again.

    Perhaps if it is this issue then a UPS ( Uninterruptable Power Supply and Back Up Battery solution ) might be needed.



    PS hopefully this translates well...


    Salut à Alexandre,

    Dans des conditions de panne de courant, quelques fois le disque USB externe sur le 4x à 16x systèmes téléphoniques série ignorera la clé USB et par défaut sur les messages internes de la mémoire embarquée, mais les valeurs par défaut. Il serait peut-être une question de simplement se connecter à l'unité et le rejointoiement de la messagerie vocale fichiers sur le lecteur USB ou, au pire d'avoir à télécharger les fichiers après avoir reformater le disque dur USB.

    Peut-être que si elle est de cette question alors un UPS (alimentation sans l'Approvisionnement et batterie de secours solution) pourraient être nécessaires.



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    Thks guys for your interest, I forget to tell you the configuration.

    this is an 2x model, with one st2030s. Very simple combination. So there is no usb unplug. He's working with the lastest firmware.

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    I mean usb key plug.

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