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Thread: SNTP sync problem

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    Default SNTP sync problem


    In every Epygi I configure I always have the same problem.

    In the Time/Date Settings, I configure a SNTP Server, for example.

    When I click to Save I haven't any problem.

    I check : Enable Simple Network Time Protocol Server
    I check : Enable Simple Network Time Protocol Client
    I put the pulling interval to 1 hour.

    Several times during the day, the "hour" AND the "minutes" change ...

    If I click on Save the sync put the hour and minutes to the exact time.

    I have the same thing I every quadro I place.

    Somebody have an idea please ?

    Thank you in advance.


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    any idea for me ?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Arnaud,

    Do you have similar problem with other polling interval selections?
    I am trying to find out the problem so could you please say the product name and firmware version number?


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    Hi Artur,

    I have tried to play with SNTP and I can say, that everything works correct.

    Ashot Ar.

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    Hi Artur,

    Firmware Version: 5.1.39/Release
    I have try with the domain controller and with some other ntp server.
    It's a quadro 4xi.

    I have the same thing with a quadro 2xi : Firmware Version: 5.1.18/Release.

    I know this is not the last version but it's installed to my client and I can't update like I want.

    If you have an idea, it's welcomed :-)

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    What is the time shift? I mean if you put the the pulling interval to 1 hour, what is the time change, 1-2 sec or more?

    There is one trick, that you can try. You should unplug all the network cables from the Quadro(LAN and WAN) an just make a reboot(using reboot button on the Quadro box) and let the Quadro boot up with no network load.
    Quadro adjusts it's clock on every boot, so making it boot without load should adjust the clock in the right way.

    Hope this will help.

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    I cannot do that it is in production to my client. I'm not in front of the quadro.

    If I do that and after I put the network cables, the problem will come back no ?

    With a pulling of 1 hour the time change to 1-2. After 4 days I have 30minutes for example.

    It's seems like a ajusting problem but why ? :s

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    The problem should not come back after making described procedure.

    If while Quadro boot and adjusting the clock Quadro is under some heavy load(network traffic for example), the adjustment is not made in the best way and improper values are set to clock values which affects on time shifts.


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    Sorry to come back with this but I always have the problem.

    New Mon Oct 11 05:16:28 2010 1 SNTP time set time changed by 1.051982 secs to Mon Oct 11 05:16:27 2010 ( Time / Date

    New Mon Oct 11 18:13:21 2010 1 SNTP time set time changed by 1.042614 secs to Mon Oct 11 18:13:17 2010 ( Time / Date

    It was ok during 1 month. It's ok but since 11 oct it doesn't sync with ntp server.

    Now I have a difference of 20 minutes ...

    In the configuration I have :
    Enable Simple Network Time Protocol Server
    Enable Simple Network Time Protocol Client

    SNTP Server

    Polling interval: 1 hour


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