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Thread: connecting a analog door phone to FXS port of a quadro 2X

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    Post connecting a analog door phone to FXS port of a quadro 2X


    A FXS port of an EPYGI 2X is connected to a door phone (Castel manufacturer), it works for ringing the proper phone, opening the door but when the phone hangs off the call, the door phone keeps in "connected state", with a strident noise,
    The door phone provider tells that it is a problem of frequency, the FXS of the quadro should be set the 440 khtz value ?
    Is there is a way to set this parameter through the web interface ? or any way to solve this issue ?

    Thanks for your answer

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    Go to Telephony -> Line Settings, click on the FXS line and on the opened "Line Settings" page tick the "Enable the busy tone indication". After that the Quadro will send the disconnection tone to the phone connected to that FXS line upon call termination by remote party.
    The parameters of the tone depend on the regional settings of your Quadro. You can start from ticking that checkbox and making one more test with the door phone. If it still doesn't work, please send me the country settings of your Quadro and i can tell you what tone Quadro is sending.
    FYI: the disconnection tone parameters for France are 450 Hz, 400 mseconds activity, 400 mseconds silence. If your door phone works with 440 Hz then probably it will disconnect from this tone therefore, you can set the country to France and make another try.

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