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Thread: call forwarding and voicmail

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    Default call forwarding and voicmail

    Have searched and read the manuals but cant find a solution as I think my issue is specific..maybe..

    My system has 3 different companies numbers (Company A, Company B and Company C)
    For example Company A number goes to an extension (40) with no attached IP phone and has multiple calling enabled. Then all Company A phones in the office ring. If the call is not answered then voice mail kicks in..

    SO far this works fine.

    I have also enabled on one of the extensions call forwarding to my mobile.
    But the problem is voice mail kicks in first and calls dont get forwarded.

    So I assume I cant have voicemail and call forwarding enabled is that correct?

    Also for calls forwarded to my mobile from the company A extension I want the company name displayed on my mobile so I know how to answer.

    Is this possible? Also how can I have voice mail and call forwarding?


    Running version 5.2.8

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    Place on the ext40 "No Answer Forwarding" and as a forward destination number place your mobile number, in that case when call comes to your ext40, on which you've set "Many Extension Ringing", all the phones in the list will have been ringing and after that it there will be no answer, the call will be forwarded to your mobile.
    I don't understand in what scenario you want to use both call forwarding and Voice Mail. Bring concrete scenario if provided answer hasn't satisfied you.

    If you want to distinguish calls forwarded to your mobile from the company A extension, you should create new routing rule, for it, do the following:
    go to the Call Routing->Call Routing Table page.
    Using one of the routing rules from that table, you were doing calls to your mobile. So choose that routing rule (row) and press the "Duplicate" button.
    In the field "Destination Number Pattern:" change the pattern you like.
    Be sure that the checkbox "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" is marked.
    Press the "Next" button (2 times) until you get into the page of "Source Filter / Modify Caller ID - Duplicate Entry". In the field "Prefix" input for example "CompanyA" (without some specials characters).
    Press Next->Finish.

    Now go to your ext40, and in the field where you've placed forward number to your mobile, change it using your newly created routing rule. For example if your pattern of newly created routing rule is 33* and your mobile number is 555777, then in the field of forward number you should place 33555777.

    Thanks, Aram

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