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Thread: Remote Extension issue

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    Question Remote Extension issue


    I am currently setting up a remote extension for a client that is using a Quadro 2x.
    They are using Snom 320 phones and have no issues when using the phones internally.
    Reciently, my client has decided that they would like a remote extension in their new office.

    I setup the Snom 320 Identity with the correct information (Username, Password & Registrar), setup the extension as a remote extension using the username and password that was used in the Snom.

    Ports on routers have been opened or forwarded to the Epygi Quadro 2x as required.
    I believe these ports are 5060, 80 and 6000-6099.

    For some reason, there was no registration at all for the Snom so i setup a Softphone (X-lite) to test this.

    To start with, the Softphone was not connecting at all.
    After a while, it registered and i made a call to an internal extension.

    After a while, the Softphone lost registration with the Quadro2x and now comes up with an error.
    The error is "Registration error: 400 - Bad Request"
    No settings had changed and this is what happens now.
    Keep in mind that previously, the softphone registered and made a successful call.

    Attached is the X-lite log.

    I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this situation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Ross,

    Are you sure that Bad Request replay comes from quadro? Quadro implemented such, that in it`s replay message quadro indicate the user agent as quadro.
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    try to enable the "Symmetric RTP" on "SIP Remote Extension Settings" page, make another test and attach the systemlogs from Quadro.
    Also, do you have the STUN enabled on the phones?

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    I have the following settings setup on the Quadro for remote extension.
    Enabled RTP Proxy, Fallback To Local Extension When Not Registered & Symmetric RTP.
    The username and password have been set for this.
    As you can see via the logs, the username is 27r.
    This information is the same as what i have set on the softphone.
    I have attached a new log file.
    I tested a few different settings on the softphone to see if it would make any difference but alas, no change.

    Im sure i have missed something simple that i am overlooking.

    I have STUN set on the phone as, you can see that in the log now.
    Funny thing is, i can remotely access the remote management page of the Quadro on the same PC that the softphone is running on.
    I will pull a log file extract from the Quadro itself and post that shortly.
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    I am hoping that this is the correct log from the Quadro.
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    Here is the entire system log from the Quadro.
    Being that the the log is rather large, i added .pdf to the end so that i could upload the file.
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    Hi Ross,

    To download system logs you need to enter System->Diagnostics and then click to "Show System Logs" link, or enter the following address` ip/systemlogs.cgi. Go to "System Logs Settings" tab, enable "Enable Developer Logging" and then download the logs. Attach the logs here. Maybe you will find solution of this.


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    Hi Ashot.

    The last log that was attached is the system logs that you are talking about.
    I had to add the extension to .pdf as the size that the zip file was, i was not allowed to upload.

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    Try to send SIP Registration log

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    Here is the SIP log.
    Maybe this will shed some light on the situation.
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