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Thread: Please correct me if i'm wrong.

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    Default Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    My understanding is that if i have any SIP device behind a router, then certain ports on the router must be forwarded to the SIP deice in order for it to work correctly. If this is the case, how would I be able to set up more than one SIP device (2 remote extensions for example) behind the router? Surely if ports are forwrded to 1st SIP device, then 2nd SIP device will not operate corretl.

    Any help much appreeciated.

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    Use 5060 on one and the other 5061 for sip on the handsets...

    then do a translation at the other end back to 5060 to the box from 5061 ...

    RTP is a wide range and whatever is available will be used...



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    Hi Kevin, This sounds fine if the scenario allows for the port number to be changed at the extension end and the quadro end itself. But what if the scenario is 2 SIP phones registering to an internet Voice Service Provider's SIP server, where you may have no control over the port at the SIP server end?

    Iknow this is slightly outside the quadro forum, but i am very interested.


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