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Thread: Streaming Music on Hold.

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    Default Streaming Music on Hold.

    I have setup muisc on hold streaming on our office quadro 2xi. When an external call comes in and is placed on hold they hear the correctly streamed MoH message. However when an internal call (extension to extension) is placed on hold, they hear the inbuilt generic music on hold. Is this correct? I thought that any call placed on hold would hear the streaming source.

    It's obviously not a problem, as internal calls do not need to hear the streaming source, I would just like to understand how it works exacttly.

    All extensions have been setup to use the streaming source.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Leeinsa,

    You are correct, any call placed on hold should hear the streaming source. I think the problem should be in the hold music settings for extensions. Could you please describe the hold music settings for that two extension's in the call?


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    Hey Ashot, Thanks or responding, I finally figured it out. It does work as expected, but i had a bit of finger trouble and had made a typo in my extensions MoH settings. So now all sorted.

    Thanks again,

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    8 )

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