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    Is it possible to setup extensions with account codes on the Quadro. We would like to limit LD calls on some extensions.

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    Using the RADIUS and AAA features of the Quadro you should be able to achieve this. I'm just starting to explore this area myself.

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    There are 3 ways to restrict long distance calling by some extns. 1. In Supplementary Services/Callerid ID Based Services- Add the number to be blocked (ie. 9*) and then enable Outgoing Call Blocking for that entry. 2. Use the filtering option in the Call Routing table by modifying or adding a new 9* entry and then add the Extn to be allowed for the Inbound Calling Pattern with a call type of PBX (this may required several 9* entries). 3.Add the extns in the Local AAA table (actually, the AAA extn entries use the SIP User name for the extn and not the actual extn itself). After the entries are added in the AAA table enable AAA (local authentication) for the 9* Call Routing entry.

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    I think I am missing something here. Do we then need to make entries for all or part of the 342 US area codes to be blocked?

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    I don't think you want to block all 342 US area codes Choose the one you need and add them (doing that in the CRT is the best way). You can use wildcards, which will make your life a lot easier "???" will represent all arean codes. while the something like 9[2-4]? will represent the area codes from 920 to 949.. And so forth...

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